We house one of the largest groups of dedicated specialists in the fields of gynaecology, fertility and maternity in east and central Africa. Our team consists of experienced medical doctors, scientists, nurses and counsellors from Europe and the Diaspora.

In 2004, we became the first clinic in east and central africa to register the first ivf (test tube) baby. In addition to fertility treatment, we are the first hospital in East Africa to have carried out laparoscopic myomectomy (keyhole) surgery.

  Our Mission

Our mission is to assist couples to achieve their dreams to having a family. (Psalm 113; he settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children).


 Our Work Ethics

Our experts strictly maintain the patients’ privacy, dignity, and individual requirements. This is by providing patients with comfortable rooms, friendly staff and a very high level of infection control in strict adherence to the world health organization guidelines. 


Our Values

  • We believe in god as the creator of all creation through his son Jesus Christ.
  • We believe in a standard of excellence.
  • We believe in a culture of service and innovation.
  • We believe in a language of faith in Jesus Christ.



About Us


We are the largest group of dedicated gynaecology and fertility specialists in East and Central Africa, supported by a team of experienced scientists, nurses and counselors.

Contact Address

Kigali IVF & Fertility Clinic,
No. 21 Kimiroko -0pp KIE,
KG, 165 Street
P.O.Box 4539 Kigali



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